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We are one of the leading companies in the modern fashion world. Dew Drop started its operations in 1996 as a fashion store for KIDS TEENS N LADIES. In the last 20 years we are able to deliver the highest quality products of the fashion world to all our customers in all over the world. Dew Drop is a world class fashion showroom for KIDS TEENS N LADIES, with all the support and backup from Australia. All the latest fashions of KIDS TEENS N LADIES are available in our modern fashion showroom. Dew Drop is a fashion store from where you will get all kinds of high qualityfashion products for all the occasions.

Dew Drop is the leading brand in KIDS, TEENS N LADIES clothing, with our strategic focus on innovation, new fashion trends, quality and design. Our brand identifies with modern and trendy fashion, where all our fabric is designed with a smooth, comfortable and flowing design according to local taste and needs. We are well known in the textile fashion industry and plan to expand our operations in almost all major locations in India.


The brand began its operation in 1996 with focus on KIDS, TEEN AND LADIES WEAR. The DEW DROP concept is perceived, accepted, recognized and trusted by its customers as having the highest standard of quality and value pricing. DEW DROP as brand has a compelling personality. It has an expression of quality and comfort. A brand that would stand for its stability, control and longevity.


Our vision is to provide high quality products and exceptional customer service. We focus on the customer their needs, their wants and what they deserve.


Our strategy is based on a deep understanding of Cochin’s and Kerala’s fashion requirements in relation to modern retail demands and hence we are the pioneers of fashion in Cochin. The renovated 10,000sqft new showroom gives you a pleasant, happy and satisfied shopping experience. The large showroom allows customers to access a vast range of products with a bright and open surrounding for ease and comfort of shopping.

We are happy to announce that many celebrities from film industry and fashion industry are our regular customers. Our showroom is regularly updated with latest fashion trends of the world

Supply Partners

One of our competitive assets is the relationship with our supply partners around the world. We are committed to creating successful business partnerships, built on mutual trust and transparency and fair business. This allows us to provide our customers with quality, comfort and the latest fashion products